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to come to the rescue but ended up in the hospital. >>> and india's biggest movie star questioned at a u.s. airport for over an hour which is now becoming an international incident. every day fancy feast introduces an entirely new way to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. new fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. new fancy feast appetizers. >>> welcome back. these are the latest headlines from abc news. the florida panhandle is being pounded by heavy rain as claudette came ashore overnight near ft. walton beach. it'll move inland toward alabama later today. >>> forecasters are keeping an eye on ana and bill which are gaining strength in the atlantic. neither of these storms is expected to make landfall. >>> and president obama may drop his demand for a government-run health insurance option, a move that could alienate some liberal democrats but gain republican support. >>> well, chicago rest depths
doctrine? >>> and, star crossed. one of the world's biggest movie stars, the tom cruise of india, held for questioning at an american airport. he says it's because he's a muslim. it's become an international muslim. it's become an international incident. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. for people in florida, and all along the atlantic and gulf coasts, this has been a quiet hurricane season. since june, nothing. but now, all of a sudden, there are three storms out there, and they are all gaining strength. tropical storms ana and bill have formed in the atlantic, and tropical storm claudette is poised to hit the panhandle of florida tonight. abc's jeffrey kofman is there. >> reporter: what a different a day or two can make. on friday, this hurricane season with a nonstarter. suddenly, this weekend, three tropical storms formed, one of them popped up overnight in the gulf of mexico and now making landfall here on the florida panhandle. >> i think in the end, this is a warning shot. the gulf is more prime than usual for intensification this year. >> reporter: the sleepy hu
hope you like working for somebody in china and india, because that's what's going to happen. >> his government-sponsored seminars and his own computerized program calledmer win transport home inventions into something companies can understand -- profit. >> fuel savings of at least 30%. >> doug just ran the numbers on this. >> this is my invention. >> mark's invention was too big to operate in the hotel ballroom, so we went to his garage for a look. >> this is a 55-pound sheet of drywall, 4x8 and we're ready to lift it. >> it allows one person to do just that, lift and hold heavy drywall or ceiling fixtures overhead. >> it's up. >> he got the idea remodeling his home. >> i needed to be able to hold this panel in place. my wife is 5-foot-tall, not going to help. >> he lost his job in the beverage industry a year ago, so mark is counting on this. >> i would love for some tool companies to buy it from me, and let me go on with my life, but in this economy i don't know if that's going to be possible. >> doug and his calculations say if mark finds a manufacturer it could be. >> it could s
. the storm dumped more than 80" of rain in some parts of southern taiwan. similar problems in india where they triggered landslides. it buried three remote villages. police and volunteers have been digging through tangled rock and tree branches trying to find victims. so far they have pulled 20 bodies from under that heavy debris. >>> now, the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate and mars ace most radar. >> tough to deal with the hot whether we had but i guess we have had it coming. >> it's been a mild one so far. >> you think back to even thursday and friday it felt like a touch of autumn in the air. that's all gone. done deal. >> no autumn now. >> i don't even want to say the heat is on, the steam is on. you can cut it with a knife out there. 92 degrees the current temp. but feeling much hotter with that humidity which is basically oppressive and only going to be getting more so. and a wind not much of one to cool you off west at 9. severe weather pushing into the far north corner of the state right now, as a matter of fact pig time storm rolling in
an hour and he wasn't actually detained but the story was front page news in india. >>> taiwan the president of the country said 3,000 have been air lift from a village bur buried by mudslides. at least 35,000 were rescued. the death toll could top 5,000. aid showing up including tent -- thousands are living in shelters. more than 59 country's have offered help. >>> a tropical storm taking aim at the gulf coast. claudette threaten the panhandle with heavy rain and high winds. anna and bill are in the atlantic. we have that story tonight. >> residents along the panhandle are bracing for claudettee likely to be the first storm to strike the united states main land this year. shoppers are already clearing shelfs of emergency supplies like water and batteries. >> starting to see customer interest in hurricane related items. >> forecasters agree. >> the gulf is more primed than usual for strong storms. >> two more storms are already lining up in the ocean aimed at united states. anna at 40 miles an hour and then bill. >> i think bill is going to be a major hurricane. it may cr
india apologized to the north koreans. >> the young women have apparently admitted that they probably did trespass, so they are deeply regretful and we are very sorry this happened. >> hillary clinton was heavily involved in securing the release of ling and lee, and president clinton said he wanted to engage with the north koreans, but instead they conducted a nuclear test, fired a long-range missile and a flurry of short and medium range rockets. that's why some are worried about the message they might get from clinton's visit. >> we could get in a situation of a moral hazard where by rewarding bad behavior we are only going to get more of it. >> that could be true, but tonight, with two young women hours away from what will surely be an emotional reunion, the families of laura ling and euna lee said they're counting the seconds to hold them in their arms. i'm martha rad dits for "nightline." >> the plane is expected to touch down in burbank, california, around 6:45 a.m. eastern time. late this evening, president obama praised clinton's trip as very fine work. >>> when we come back,
before weakening to a tropical storm. >>> to northern india where torrential rains triggered a landslide and killed at least 40 people. a police official says three remote villages were buried in the disaster. police and volunteers have been digging through mud and rocks and tree branches to find bodies of the other victims. >>> you've seen labels but do you really know what these omega 3s mean? >> four ounces of salmon can have 50 times more the omega 3s in some of the these fortified products. >> how a local woman is fighting to get more in her diet and why you should do it too. >>> and another heated one in our neighborhood. 71 degrees already at 5:04. >>> for a check of the trains and buses here's the mta's mark jones. >> the commute start is good on the camden, penn, brunswick lines of marc. light lietd and metro subway on time. 27 and 44 bus taking diversions, watermain breaks continuing. 21 diverted at pennsylvania and dolphin. and the 17 still diverted at nursery and winterson. heavy volume on the 3 and 5 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪ the art of getting
. >>> and in india heavy rain triggered a landslide that buried three remote villages and killed 43 people. police and volunteers have been digging through tangled mud, rock and tree branches to try to find victims. so far they have pulled 20 bodies from under the heavy depre. >>> now, the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate, and maryland's most radar. >> wyatt every heart here to talk about the weather and everybody is talking about how hot it has been out there. >> that has been the big boost. thundershowers this afternoon in eastern maryland. that's all gone for the most part, we're watching even more heat coming out of the south and just a steam behalf on the way tomorrow. >> could we see some storm clouds pop up this afternoon. >> i think the best chance coming tuesday afternoon, evening, when we finally get a cool front coming in which we'll be waiving and ushering but let's take a look at what we are seeing outside tonight. >>> a gorgeous night visually but sticky. relative humidity up to 74%. temperature 75, no wind. boy that makes it field a little mo
were safely evacuated before that collapse there. torrential rains are also causing havoc in india. at least 43 people were killed in landslides in three remote villages in the himalayan foothi foothills. the region has become prone to such disaster because of the extensive deforestation there. >>> as so many children repair for a new school year, are they already a step behind? why some stay students shouldn't have taken a summer off. >>> and 40 years after the manson murders, should two now be set free? >>> and then later here, so much for that saying "if you sneeze, you lose." it might be the way to get ahead at work. how about a swim? i'm a little irregular today. don't you eat activia? for my little issues? they')re not that bad. summer' no time to put up with even occasional digestive problems. believe me, once they go away, it's mazing howtgood yo. announcer: activia is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system in two weeks. summer' a wastin')... takeit works, or it's ♪ activia so, what's the problem? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere.
because often it will take down a gazelle. found mostly in the waters off of india. great white shark which is terrific. i think they should rename it because i've been watching the great white shark and i don't think great covers it. the terrific white shark. fantastic white shark. the biggest one is probably, what, the whale shark? yeah, see? who? the wheelchair shark of course -- the whale shark, huge, swam by one, when i was scuba diving ones, your whole body starts to shake, something primitive in your brain that goes, that animal is huge. you're next to a cow and you're like, i'm kind of nervous, it's big, not scary but big. you get near a whale shark, it's mouth is as long as my body. it could not care less. that beagle was like, hmm, whatever. you're like, get me away from this. you don't want to panic because you're afraid the sucker fish on the side of it are big enough to kill you. >> we're going to rename it here. i thought you watched vh1 all the time. >> 30 seconds. if you can do in it 20 or less, megan pringle getting married to our sports guy tomorrow. >> a difficult m
that, let's get to our first morning paper. this really funny video from india. this is a cab driver who has perfected the art of driving backwards. he does this with every single person. he had a problem with his car. he returned from a party and there was a fault where the reverse gear was the only thing that worked. this is his primary source of income so the guy was like if i can only go backwards i better learn how to drive backwards. now he can go 50 miles an hour driving backwards. he renamed the car the back gear champian. just develop new skill. >> new york taxi drivers can't even drive front way. >> it's further evidence it's the year of the indian. >> it is. >> let's go to the u.k. where this is an interesting approach -- >> i'm going to eat it if no one else is. >> you know on amusement park rides and your arms go up and you go whoo-hoo, that's been banned at a specific theme park in the u.k. because of body odor. basically they're saying it's going to get hot here, up to 84 degrees. managers expect -- she's sniffing her armpit, isn't she? >> it looks like say no to bo. i
they're throwing films from places like iran, india, japan. instead of a nine screen multi-plex, there's just this one plush, rather cozy space. it's a deliberately low-tech affair. people living nearby appreciate the effort that's gone into bringing the movies to their door. >> cinema in a bus. it should be a bit different anyway. >> to have a mobile cinema that comes and opens up like a pandora's box is really wonderful. >> reporter: even when the film is over, there's no normal rushing home. these enthusiasts want everyone to feel included on their cinematic journey through the hills and glen >> gunned down. an armed manur >> gunned down. an armed man bursts into a gym in pennsylvania and goes on a killing spree. what we know about the shooter and his victim. >> then coming home. two american journalists jailed in north korea are free and will be reunited with their families this morning. >> and driving distraction. should the government ban drivers from texting? >> the public is sick and tired of people being distracted and causing accidents. >> it's wednesday, august 5th. >> anno
but said you could do steroid shots or fiscal therapy and in india, this is really sweet, six guys massaged my shoulder with warm oil. it was great. and guess what, it worked. >> that's the procedure that worked? >> well, i did it for six weeks and they -- every day they would massage me with warm oil that had herbs and medication in it, right, like a rotisserie chicken or something and, yeah, guess what, i got more movement. >> and how much can you lift it now? >> now, look at that. is that gain or what? i tell you. remarkable. >> you decided to the to have the surgery. >> that's right. i don't need the titanium shoulder. i can get along without it. >> what would you say to americans today who are trying to follow this health care debate? what's the number one lesson you'd say to them? >> all the other countries decided first we're going to cover everybody, anybody who is sick can get to the doctor and then you can design a mechanism to get there. they all did. we're so hung up on the mechanism we keep losing the goal. >> and the goal is to make people healthier to start with? >> yes, the
hillary clinton. i was with mrs. clinton just a few weeks ago in india. and i asked her about the situation. and she said, well, the young women have already apologized. and we are very sorry this happened. so, the north koreans, in many ways, got exactly what they wanted here. they had a very prominent american coming over there. and bill clinton, of course, got exactly what he wanted. he returned with the young journalists, who i think are about to get off that plane. bill clinton had that emotional meeting with them yesterday. when they got on the plane, out of north korea, it was quite formal. president clinton shaking their hands and smiling. but again, a very emotional meeting when the young women first met president clinton over there. you can see them leaving north korea there, in the same plane that just arrived in burbank. >> i think you answered the question of many when they are wondering why was it former president bill clinton. and you said, the north koreans wanted a prominent american to be there. >> reporter: as bill richardson told us, the governor of new mex
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14